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One-on-One attention separates Firehouse Pet Resort from the pack
Ensuring happy tails when your pets head home

5 min read Sam, a German Shepherd puppy, stayed with us while his dad recovered from surgery. We were happy to care for Sam during this difficult time. We also welcomed the chance to help Sam overcome his separation anxiety. Treats and cuddles helped Sam feel calmer...

Should I bring my pet on vacation?
Should they stay or should they go

2.5 min read Should your pet travel, too? Or are they better off in someone else’s care? When you make vacation plans, your pet is one of your first thoughts. You may look up vaccinations, certificates, or pit stops along the way.  Yet, boarding your cat or dog may be...

Shopping for the best cat or dog toys in 2023?
Look for these 3 qualities: fun, durable, and time-consuming

8 min read Since each pet is unique, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution for the exact toy your pet will like. Try new toys with...

4 Possible Behavior Changes After Boarding Cats and Dogs
Pets can act differently upon returning home. Don’t worry: it’s normal, harmless and temporary.

2.5 min read While you vacationed, your cat or dog had a staycation of their own at Firehouse Pet Resort. They enjoyed many activities, lots of love, and new friends.  Afterwards, some pets can take a few days to remember their manners and settle into normal home...

2 Truths and a Lie
Board Your Cat When You Travel

Planning for a long trip can be stressful if you have a cat. At the top of your pre-holiday “to-do” list might include asking a friend or family member to check on your cat. It’s common to think that cats don’t get boarded, even though it’s the usual…

Does your pet have back-to-school jitters?
Playcare can help your pet create a routine

Chloe started hiding shoes around the house. That’s when her pet parents knew something was up. Saying hello to fall includes a shift in routines Structured schedules, commitments, and fresh classmates become the new normal. Pets sense that things are changing. They...

Boarding your puppy: 3 key benefits
Your dog loves a vacation too – get a free playdate

A new puppy parent with upcoming work travel brought their dog into Firehouse Pet Resort. The owner was looking into boarding for the first time. We talked through their concerns: Is it too soon? How would the owner do without their buddy? We planned for two shorter...

3 Reasons to Look at Poop
Bowel movements show physical and emotional wellbeing

We know group living is not the norm for your pet. Intestines are your pet’s stress organ. So loose stool signals that your pet is aware of this new environment and is feeling a little bit of anxiety. A dog who’s happy at playtime might also feel…

A tired dog is a happy dog ❤️
Our enrichment room stimulates your dog’s brain

At Firehouse Pet Resort, we keep your pets busy! Puzzles, treats, and lots of love make our new enrichment room a favorite play area for your pet. We keep your pets busy! We let dogs enjoy time away from kennels as much as possible. One of those ways is letting them...

What to bring to playcare and boarding
Bring it all or lean on us

Bring it all or lean on us: we make it easy to send your cat and dog to playcare and boarding. You can bring your pets’ favorite foods, toys, and more. But we’ve set up our resort so you don’t need to. We have everything here: Purina pet food & treats Water bowls...
Take a page out of the new schooling playbook for dogs!

Take a page out of the new schooling playbook for dogs!

Kids might be in virtual classes, but that doesn't mean dogs need to stay home.While this back to school looks different than past years, one thing hasn’t changed and that is the excitement of socializing and seeing your buddies. Much like kids, dogs are social...

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Firehouse Pet Resort – coming to Round Rock this September

Firehouse Pet Resort – coming to Round Rock this September

Firehouse Pet Resort – coming to Round Rock this September – will offer your cats and dogs an abundance of bells and whistles The team at Firehouse Animal Health Centers will offer your pets a new service starting this September: boarding and playcare for cats and...

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