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We’ll do whatever we can to ensure your pet has a comfortable, safe, and FUN stay at our pet resorts. Nicole, a Resort Attendant, encourages water play on a hot summer’s day.

Sam, a German Shepherd puppy, stayed with us while his dad recovered from surgery. We were happy to care for Sam during this difficult time. We also welcomed the chance to help Sam overcome his separation anxiety.

Treats and cuddles helped Sam feel calmer in his room. We also gave him extra attention through one-on-one playtime.

Dr Moreman, one of our veterinarians right next door at Firehouse Round Rock, helped adjust his medications with his dad’s consent.

Over the course of his stay, Sam relaxed and behaved so well. His dad was relieved that Sam was so content! He’ll do great the next time he stays with us at Firehouse Pet Resort.

We like to think of ourselves as a haven for pets: a home-away-from-home where you can leave your pet knowing they’ll be well cared for.

We offer 3 items that set us apart from other boarding and daycare facilities. Our caring team of Resort Attendants will:

-Give cats and dogs with extra needs special attention.

-Connect with our veterinarians who are right next door, if needed.

-Go above and beyond with affection for all pets, every day.


1. Special attention for pets with extra needs

Pets with all kinds of needs visit us for daily play care and overnight stays. Our team of pet loving professionals is happy to care for pets with extra needs.

For example, we’ve supported quite a few older dogs who use a sling to walk. The sling fits around their tummy and helps them while they go potty or stretch their legs in our play area.

“We can accommodate pets with special needs,” says Esterleane Landrum, Resort Supervisor at Firehouse Kyle, “like Snoopy, who is a 6-year-old Yorkshire Terrier.”

Snoopy needs different attention while he stays with us. His back legs are paralyzed. “We change his diapers and put him in his personalized cloth sacs to prevent scrapes when he’s moving around during playtime with friends,” says Esterleane.  

“We also take him out for one-on-one time to check his legs and offer him a massage to make to get the circulation flowing,” she says.

Snoopy’s mom gave us a huge compliment when she told us, “Ya’ll are the first place that Snoopy wasn’t sick after his stay. Ya’ll do a great job taking care of the pets. I am grateful to have a place I can trust to care for him while I am away.

That’s our goal! To give your pets the first-class home-away-from-home experience they deserve.

We have one final story for you when it comes to the special attention we give pets. It’s about Gunner, a 7-year-old border collie mix who loves games in our play yard.

Yet, Gunner gets anxious when it’s time to return to the kennels. So, we get him out for one-on-one playtime to relieve his stress. This incurs an extra fee, but parents with nervous pets will tell you it’s worth the price.

2. Response time matters for an emergency. We’re right next door to our veterinarians.

The medical safety of our guests is a top priority at Firehouse Pet Resort.

What sets Firehouse Pet Resort apart is our proximity to a team of veterinarians right next door at Firehouse Animal Health Center. Our veterinarians can provide an extra layer of security for your pet’s well-being.

In the unlikely event that your pet requires medical attention, our team can swiftly connect with these experts.

Milo was staying at Firehouse Pet Resort last July when a Resort Attendant, Grant, noticed some blood near his bedding. He walked Milo over to the Firehouse Animal Health Center – Round Rock. The vets next door confirmed that nothing was wrong. Milo had lost a tooth and all was normal.

Grant, a Resort Attendant, bagged up Milo’s lost tooth for his mom. “It was such a sweet idea” says Milo’s mom, Lauren. “It showed the care and concern they have for guests. I’ll keep that tooth forever.”

In a more severe situation, “one of our guests had a seizure in our play yard,” says Shakkal Ware, Resort Supervisor at Firehouse Pet Resort in Round Rock. “The Resort Attendant rushed him to the hospital where we stabilized the pet. It was the first seizure for this dog. We connected with his mom and kept him stable until his mom returned from her vacation.”

One of our Firehouse Belterra patients lost the ability to use his back legs. When his parents suddenly needed to leave town, we offered to care for him in Kyle.

Newly unable to use his back legs, we brought this pet to Firehouse Pet Resort in Kyle. Our resort and hospital teams cared for him each day. His parents were so grateful their beloved dog was so lovingly cared for as they addressed their out-of-town situation.

And don’t worry, pet parents. We ask for your approval to treat medical conditions when you drop off your pets. So, you’ll have time to decide what’s best for your family.

3. Our team offers one-on-one affection under everyday circumstances

We know your pets thrive on attention and affection. All pets who visit us are showered with one-on-one love and attention throughout their stay. We check on them in their rooms, offer them treats, and cuddle throughout the day.

One of our guests was a Chihuahua who hadn’t been socialized early one. He was afraid of people and other dogs. The whole family was going on a cruise together, so no was left behind to watch him. We spent a lot of time sitting with this tiny powerhouse and trust developed over his 5-day visit. Toward the end of his stay, he even approached our team to sniff us and sit in our laps.

Cats don’t usually want to play when they first arrive. They prefer to hide in their 2-story condo, because they feel scared in a new place.

One of our feline guests was “spicy” at first.  Yet, he warmed up to us after receiving his daily fresh blanket with Feliway pheromone spray. By the end of his 3-day visit, he was coming out to play and enjoying our cat tree.

From cuddle sessions to interactive playtime, our dedicated team members make it their mission to learn your pet’s preferences and personality.

Austin’s Firehouse Pet Resort is more than just a boarding facility; it’s the best home-away-from-home experience for your beloved pets.

Curious about us? We’d love to talk with you. We’re open Monday-Sunday from 7am-7pm. Your pet’s first day of playcare is free.

Esterleane Landrum checks on a cat in the kitty-only room.

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