Bring it all or lean on us: we make it easy to send your cat and dog to playcare and boarding.

You can bring your pets’ favorite foods, toys, and more. But we’ve set up our resort so you don’t need to.

We have everything here:

  • Purina pet food & treats
  • Water bowls for each guest
  • Soft blankets and optional beds in dog and cat rooms
  • Toys to play with while they’re here (some packages include a free toy)
  • If you want it, a daily probiotic to help with digestion
  • Our hospital right next door, just in case
  • Icy treats for dogs in the summer

Plus, cats get their own litter box.

For a small fee, we can offer a bath before pickup.

Items you should bring:

  • Any supplements and medications your pet takes each day.


  • Comfort items: if your pet is anxious, bring a t-shirt with your scent or a favorite toy.

You’ll be pleased to know:

  • We’ll put your pet with compatible friends for play time.
  • Your pet will play inside and outside:
  • We monitor your pet to ensure they’re happy and healthy.
  • After overnight boarding, your pet will come home looking and smelling clean.

We want the best for your four-legged family member. We can’t wait to see you!

Call us to schedule your next visit.

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