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Should they stay or should they go: How do you choose the best way to go?

Should your pet travel, too? Or are they better off in someone else’s care?

When you make vacation plans, your pet is one of your first thoughts. You may look up vaccinations, certificates, or pit stops along the way. 

Yet, boarding your cat or dog may be a better option than bringing them. 

When you can’t bring your pet along, consider boarding them at Firehouse Pet Resort. They’ll receive expert care and have access to a vet in case medical intervention is required.

How do you choose the best way to go?

Here’s a decision tree to help guide you.

  1. My pet has a flexible temperament.
    • No – Maybe your pet likes a very specific routine or has a negative reaction to change like @eddieonwheels handles mornings. Your pet better sit this trip out.
    • Yes – If your cat or dog deals easily with new situations, animals, or people, he may do well with travel. Continue to the next decision. 
  2. My pet has special needs.
    • YesYour buddy is prone to motion sickness, anxiety, or has a health condition that needs constant care. They would do better in the care of a close friend or caretaker. 
    • No – If your cat or dog is up for daily adventures without extra thought to health, they may be a good companion for your trip. Continue to the next decision.
  3. You’re visiting people who are allergic to pets.
    • Yes – Pets aren’t always great houseguests. If your pet leaves behind hair or dander, you may not be asked back for a visit. Better to find out in advance if allergies are an issue. Arrange for your pet to stay behind this time.
    • No – If you are traveling to people who have no dander allergies to consider, you and your pet are good to go! Continue to the next decision.
  4. Your destination has an extreme climate.
    • Yes Airplanes may not allow pets if there’s extremely hot or cold weather at takeoff or landing.
      • Adjustment to a very different temperature is stressful for cats and dogs. It may be hard on their health or make them miserable. Best to leave them behind in a comfortable atmosphere.
    • No – Traveling to a similar temperature may mean happy times for your pet.  Continue to the next decision.
  5. The journey is lengthy.
    • Yes – Long periods of confinement away from you can be taxing and unfair to your pet. We all know what limited leg room feels like. A day or more is a good time to leave your pet in trusted care.
    • No – A trip of just a few hours can be easy to manage with your pet. Bring them along!

Firehouse Pet Resort is here for you with the best home-away-from-home experience. We offer your cat and dog a relaxing, stress-free, and personalized stay. All in a safe environment.

Your pet will enjoy a tailored experience to meet his or her energy level and needs. All with our medical experts at Firehouse Animal Health Center right next door. 

Curious about Firehouse Pet Resort? We’d love to talk with you. We’re open Monday-Sunday from 7am-7pm. Your pet’s first day of playcare is free. 

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