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Poop tells us how your dog and cat are feeling – both physically and emotionally.

Loose poop
We know group living is not the norm for your pet.

Intestines are your pet’s stress organ. So loose stool signals that your pet is aware of this new environment and is feeling a little bit of anxiety.
A dog who’s happy at playtime might also feel nervous from all the new smells and noises. He might have some diarrhea as he’s acclimating to his new environment.

This low level of anxiety is common. It won’t harm your pet. Since we expect it, we give each pet a daily probiotic. It helps smooth out their digestion.
Most pets are pooping normally within a day or two of their arrival at the Resort.

We always consult the doctors next door at Firehouse Animal Health Center if diarrhea or loose stool is ongoing.

No poop
Dogs are picky and look for scents they recognize from home. And cats might not feel ready to use their litter box for a day or so. Yet, constipation leads to discomfort and lowered appetite. We don’t want your pet to be uncomfortable or hungry in our care. So if your pet isn’t pooping, we notice and take action. Luckily, constipation isn’t serious and it’s easy to fix.

-We’ll help your dog find the right scent by walking them in the grassy areas across the parking lot from The Resort. We’ll call you if constipation continues. We’ll ask permission to give your pet medicine from the Firehouse doctors next door.

-If your cat eating normally but isn’t pooping, we’ll connect with you and recommend we speak to a doctor. Please note: this is extremely rare.

Normal poop
Sometimes your pet will have diarrhea once he or she returns home. Don’t panic. It’s normal for your dog or cat’s body to take 48 hours to normalize.

We love taking care of your pet and want you to know we’re paying attention to all the little details.

Contact us to reserve your dog or cat’s spot for playcare (daycare) or overnight boarding. We’re open every day from 7am-7pm.

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