16-week-old Dee meets older dogs, Dolly and Betty, in the playroom’s ball pit.

A new puppy parent with upcoming work travel brought their dog into Firehouse Pet Resort. The owner was looking into boarding for the first time.

We talked through their concerns: Is it too soon? How would the owner do without their buddy? We planned for two shorter stays before the travel took place. 

The best way to help your new pet feel comfortable away from home is to board them early in their life. 

Our team offers a stress-free stay with:

-Free probiotics to help with digestion

-Pets are grouped for play with their peers

-Your pet will never come home dirty–we bathe them after a messy day 

3 benefits to early dog boarding

1. Learn to be a good friend

-Puppies need socialization before 16 weeks. Once dogs get vaccinated, playdates help our dogs to cope with all kinds of people, pets, props, and places

-The people, pets, and toys at Firehouse Pet Resort help your dog become less anxious about new settings and separation. “We definitely notice improved social skills over time,” says Esterleane Landrum, Resort Supervisor at Firehouse Pet Resort in Kyle.

2. Increased fitness for your pet

“Boarding your dog helps them burn more energy,” says Shakkal Ware, Resort Supervisor of Firehouse Pet Resort in Round Rock. “If your pet’s activity level is lower at home, we can help them get more fit since we let them out for activity often.”

3. We’re here when you travel 

-It’s calming to know your pet is familiar with their home away from home. This gives you a break to run errands or take a trip without worry

-Firehouse Pet Resort offers playcare, so your pet is having fun and developing skills.

Do you wonder if your pet will do well at Firehouse Pet Resort?

Begin the boarding process early for happy, healthy, and positive outcomes for your puppy. 

We are here to give you peace of mind, offer answers, and care for your dog like he’s our own. 

Free Day of Playcare

Give your dog a day of playcare on us to try the resort experience. Firehouse Pet Resort now has 2 locations: Kyle and Round Rock. Call us to schedule your dog’s staycation. 

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