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Don’t be surprised if your cat or dog comes home and acts a little differently. It’s normal, harmless, and temporary.

While you vacationed, your cat or dog had a staycation of their own at Firehouse Pet Resort. They enjoyed many activities, lots of love, and new friends. 

Afterwards, some pets can take a few days to remember their manners and settle into normal home routines. This is nothing to worry about since it’s normal, harmless, and temporary (just like kids who come home from a sleepover with grandma).

At Firehouse Pet Resort, we value educating our pet owners. We prefer to keep you “in the know” so you needn’t worry once home.

Temporary, harmless behavior changes your pet might show after boarding: 

1. Food and Drink

Change: Your pet’s appetite may be different. Drinking more water is also common. Neither are a serious health risk.

Here’s why:

  • Eating more – your cat or dog may devour food and water to recover calories and hydration. Their boarding environment distracted their focus from mealtimes. While our team always ensures your pet is eating and drinking, any boarding environment might shift a pet’s focus from mealtimes.
  • Eating less – this may be the result of coming home to familiar surroundings. 

Change: Upset tummy

Here’s why: Stress Colitis in pets is similar to traveler’s tummy in humans. Any change in diet, schedule, or nerves might cause this result.

We watch our guests to make sure they’re feeling fine while here. We also give them probiotics (for free) to help with digestion.

Yet, you should also monitor your pet when they get home. No need to panic: an upset stomach should disappear in a few days.

2. Activity Levels

Change: Cats might hide and dogs might rest when back at home.

Here’s why: Dogs have enjoyed fresh air with playmates of similar energy levels. Cats get 1:1 playtime. Your pet’s brain was challenged with puzzles and toys. They navigated new spaces.

Pets might not feel the usual cues to rest while boarding. Back home, they recover from the excitement like a kid after a sleepover.

3. Social interaction

Change: Your pet wants constant cuddles – they are clingy or might bug you for love, fun, and attention. Cats might also groom less.

Here’s why: Your pet is happy to be home! They had an exciting adventure, but nothing compares to being with you. They also had access to constant attention, pats, and brushing. They will readjust to their calmer home life.

4. Regression

Change: Boarding a puppy during potty training might create regression. Manners in a well-trained older cat or dog might go by the wayside.

Here’s why: Pets might regress when they’re away from home and experience new schedules and routines. Fear not! A few days of your consistent rule-setting should get them back on track.

We put our hearts and experience into making boarding positive and fun. Much like kids after a weekend at grandma’s, pets enjoyed being spoiled but should settle into the comforts of home soon.

Call us at either of our 2 locations if you have questions or want to plan for upcoming travel. We’re here for you from 7am – 7pm, Monday through Sunday.

Want to give us a try? Your pet’s first day of playcare is free.

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