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Your cat gets as bored at Aunt Millie’s house as you do. House them at Firehouse Pet Resort when you have to travel. We often recommend an overnight stay or two before your trip to put both you and your cat at ease.

Planning for a long trip can be stressful if you have a cat. At the top of your pre-holiday “to-do” list might include asking a friend or family member to check on your cat.

It’s common to think that cats don’t get boarded, even though it’s the usual approach for dogs. Yet, a cat-friendly boarding facility can offer a safe and happy stay for your cat. 

When you must be away, know the truths (and 1 myth). Boarding your cat at Firehouse Pet Resort can lower stress for both you and your furry friend.

Truth #1

Cats are boarded away from dogs at Firehouse Pet Resort. We’ve known cats don’t want to see, hear, or smell dogs. 

Here, cats are housed separately with calming pheromones and no dog smells or sounds, so your cat can have a calm and safe stay.

Truth #2

Older cats with more needs do well here! If your cat needs medication, accommodation for aging joints. or special dietary needs, we’re on it. 

Our staff has experience with a range of cat needs and they help keep your cat well during their stay. 

If a health situation arises while your pet is in our care, our vets (right next door!) are involved in making the best decision. Of course, we always call you at these moments. 

1 Lie

Boarding is too stressful for cats. 

The truth: When you’re away from home, boarding your cat with people who care and toys for exploration might be their healthiest choice. 

Your cat’s stress can increase at home alone or in a relative’s house with different attention, unfamiliar quarters, or other pets.

At Firehouse Pet Resort, we care for your cats like they are our own.

-This means we take notes on what your pet loves. 

-There is plenty of affection, space, social opportunity, and playtime (or alone time 😉) so they can be themselves as much as possible.

Call us at one of our 2 locations so we can answer your questions and book a stay for your pet. We’re here for you from 7 am – 7 pm, Monday through Sunday.

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