At Firehouse Pet Resort, we keep your pets busy! Puzzles, treats, and lots of love make our new enrichment room a favorite play area for your pet.

We keep your pets busy!

We let dogs enjoy time away from kennels as much as possible. One of those ways is letting them loose in our enrichment room.

Playtime that benefits the body and mind:

  • Our enrichment room is out of the sun. This is often a nice RESPITE SYNONYM for the older pups who need a break from the heat or from other rowdy pups.
  • We have lick mats with peanut butter and cheese to keep pups’ busy and their bellies full.
  • Puzzles with hidden treats are a great way we keep your pup mentally stimulated.
  • We have a baby pool filled with balls and let the pups try to sniff out treats that sink to the bottom.
  • Sometimes, the dogs just go in for some one-on-one love and attention from our team members…. both of which are readily available.
  • We try to our best to incorporate this room into our daily play care routine.

We love to show off our pet resort. Please ask to see our enrichment room next time you’re in.

Contact us today to schedule a day of playcare or a longer stay with our boarding packages.

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